Find the most authoritative websites on the web

Find the most authoritative websites on the web

Always wanted to know which websites in your country have the most authority on the internet?

This clever trick will show instantly what the most authoritative websites are on the web. The ingredients: A web browser.

Open your web browser and point it to Google. Choose the local version of Google for local authority websites – e.g. for the Netherlands or to check the websites with the most authority in the United Kingdom.

Now, to find the websites with the most authority all you have to do is search for www.

So, do a search for 'www' in Google et voilá, Google will come up with the results. The resulting websites are the ones with the most authority for that specific country. Maximum coolex!

Why would these results come up for the www search query?

All websites (or domains actually) build up an authority based on age, interest or popularity within the search engines. And since viewing a web page on the internet normally begins by typing www followed by the domain name of the page into a web browser, it is not so surprising that the websites with the most authority surface when www is entered as a search query. The (subdomain) ‘www’ is simply part of the whole package. 

What can you do with this information?

Honestly, not that much directly. On the other hand it can be very valuable information if you are starting a new business and find out that a competitor is one of the (biggest) authority in your country. You can imagine that it will be very hard to beat the competition then.

There will be mostly large corporates in the results. But imagine if eBay decides to invest in e.g. the Netherlands they can see that the Dutch auction site “Markplaats” has the most authority on the Dutch web. From that you'll know you have to put a lot effort in your marketing plans to beat (and outrank) Marktplaats in Holland. It'll be easier just to buy them.

For SEO: this is a great starting point for link building if you want some general, high authority links.
The 'www' search result is your oyster.

Had fun finding out your country most authoritative sites? Any remarkable results? Drop them in my mailbox…

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