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Not sure what to make from the results? Check out the frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions

Not getting anywhere after the analysis? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

How does it work?

The top 10 search results are retrieved for your keyword. Then the link data of the scoring websites is retrieved through SEMrush. From these link data, links and unique domains, the average and median is calculated. This gives you an indication to get started with link building and with SEO in general.

Help, I see no results?!

For the specified keyword, SEMrush has no data. This can happen with long-tail or unpopular keywords or if a wrong country is chosen.

What can I do with the results?

The results give you an indication of how much effort you can put into achieving a top 10 position for the keyword of your choice. You will see soon enough if you need to adjust your keyword(s) or start building links.

Which keyword should I choose?

A good keyword is the search phrase your target audience is searching for. It should cover the scope of your product, service or subject and contain the right intention (researching, informing, commercial, etc). Get inside the head of your ideal customer or visitor. What is he/she/it looking for?

Why is my country not listed?

If your country is not listed, I simply forgot to add it. SEMrush supports over 100 different countries, so I'm sure yours can be included as well. Drop my an email and I'll add the country immediately for you.

Why can I only analyze 3 times?

To keep this tool free and to give everyone the chance to use it, only 3 analyses per day are possible. After 24 hours you can do another 3 analyses. Thanks for your support!

I have more links than the competitor, now what?

In addition to links, the content on the page, technology of the website and overall user experience (e.g. loading time) are important for achieving top positions. Check whether the texts are readable for search engines and whether the topic matches the search intentions of users. In addition, a link profile analysis is advisable to see if the links are actually valuable.

Are only links important for a top ranking?

No, but it is a very important factor. Besides links, your page must contain good content, be 'readable' for search engines, offer a good user experience and above all answer the questions of the visitor.

What are referring domains?

Referring domains are the websites from which you get an incoming link. You can get multiple backlinks from one website (think one or more links on different pages), but ideally you have a balance of inbound links and referring domains.

View all frequently asked questions here. Do you have a question which is not answered? Please feel free to contact me.

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