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This tool came about because of the huge number of accumulated API credits in my SEMrush account. Because I have my account for years now, I still have the benifit of an 'affordable' subscription where I still get new API credits every month. After years, this is way too many credits - or too few active projects - to use up by myself.

On that, I decided to share it, and this became the result. A keyword-level indication of how many links you need to achieve a top 10 position in Google. A project to use all my knowledge and experience (with the help of friends), and to produce something that hopefully inspires or helps people further with their SEO. 

About me

Four days a week I work as an SEO Specialist at a large financial institution and in my spare time I do it all over again, just because. If I'm not doing SEO, I'm busy building websites, writing content, advising, consulting, experimenting, coming up with new (web) concepts and 'tinkering' with electronics. 

Visit my LinkedIn profile.

Questions, remarks & suggestions welcome

Do you want to send me a message? Use the form below to drop your questions, articles, suggestions and other comments. Bugs are also welcome (no, missing data is not a bug).

Requests to do link building for you, I friendly decline. For that you can contact one of the reliable partners. They are happy to help you. 

Sponsoring the website is possible. The possibilities include purchasing additional API credits to temporarily suspend the analysis limit, guest articles or a buy a link (wink, wink). Of course in exchange for a prominent place on the home page. Talk to you soon?